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The Saint-Sergius of Radonezh Church

Exterior view of the Saint Serge de Radonège church

© Photo André Serikoff

The jewel of the hill is in critical condition, with its foundations threatened by water seeping into the subsoil marls. This instability leads to a subsidence of the transept at the height of the concrete bell tower, which must be stopped. This instability affects the entire hill including the deformation of the wall behind the church adjoining 12 rue Meynadier and the infiltrations through the sideboard wall adjoining 16 rue Meynadier (which have caused disputes with the neighbors).

The first emergency therefore consists in stabilizing the building by setting up a general drainage system for the water from the hill, as well as in intervening to consolidate the foundations of the church and the party wall. This will make it possible to make permanent the major repair work on the exterior and interior wall frescoes that has already been carried out. Otherwise, there is a danger of experiencing new cracks. But before carrying any additional repair work, a new crack monitoring campaign has been initiated, with the installation of numerous crack gauges. This will make it possible to refine the diagnosis and plan for emergencies.

Under the church are the classrooms of the Institute as well as the library with its invaluable documentary background. The places have not changed much since the 1930s when they served as dormitories for students!

Modernization of the classrooms (refurbishment, installation of a completely renovated audio-video system) as well as the library are essential. It started with the arrival of high-speed fiber. Let's not forget that these rooms host face-to-face courses, concerts, conferences, etc. and that on-line courses are also hosted from these rooms.

It is also necessary to undertake transformations to ensure access to all floors of the building for people with reduced mobility.

Work Completed

  • Partial repair of the water drainage system at the level of the so-called "cigererie" building
  • Repair of the Church's mural iconography
  • Resumption of cracks, following the December 2017 audit of the wall adjoining 12 rue Meynadier
  • Restoration and painting of the overhanging grid the dividing wall at 12 rue Meynadier, which threatened to fall
  • Wi-Fi / fiber optic equipment for the church and classrooms, completed in 2020. With fiber secured by two providers.
  • Installation of a renovated audio-visual system in the classrooms / conference rooms, with microphone, amplifier, screen, projector and sound system in the rooms. Supply in progress
  • Renovation of the outdoor toilets under the stairs of the church

Work in Progress

  • Monitoring of cracks in the Church by new crack gauges since September 2019

Work to Be Done

  • Underpinning of the Church's foundations, following surveys carried out in 2015
  • Renovation of the buried water purification network (2nd phase of the global hill project) on the north side of the church, with evacuation of the asbestos pipes, following the audit carried out in 2015
  • Renovation of the buried water treatment network (3rd phase of the global hill project) on the south side of the church / rue Meynadier, with evacuation of the asbestos pipes, following the audit carried out in 2015
  • Peripheral waterproofing at the foot of the Church
  • Network repair electrical
  • Installation of double-glazed windows in the classrooms
  • Renovation of the windows of the church, which are no longer waterproof
  • Renovation of the doors of the classrooms, including the entrance door with painted panels
  • Refitting from the bell tower with central lift and additional evacuation staircase
  • Wheelchair access will be studied from the rue Meynadier access, via a first lift along the student housing building, then via the student housing terrace and a 2nd lift along the church (see below).ascenseur le long de l’église (cf ci-dessous).
  • Study and construction of a heat pump system with Canadian well, serving the entire hill
  • Refection of the church roof
  • Refection of the forecourt
  • Repairing the waterproofing of the steeple terrace
  • Securing the archives and the library test

Project to bring the church up to standard by adding an elevator for disabled access