Cultural Association of Saint-Sergius Hill

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The Garden of the Saint-Sergius Hill

The buildings of the Saint Serge hill are surrounded by green spaces. An association of volunteer gardeners, passionate about the Hill, maintains the garden almost daily. They have their nurseries. They prune the vine of the gate behind the church. They maintain planting tubs, which spread over the hill. A tree felling and pruning campaign is planned.

Work Completed

  • plant containers with trellises have been installed by the association on the terrace of the student housing. They surround the aedicule in the center of the terrace, and make it a little forgotten. Additional plant containers have been placed at the entrance to the terrace. Other plant containers will be installed on the hill
  • felling of a dead birch, a dead elm and a dry maple with the felling of a dead acacia, leaving 4 meters of trunk for an ecological niche
  • curtain pruning for facade clearance on a maple; pruning to old poplar cuts

Work to Be Done

  • A tree planting campaign is expected to take place this year. It will be necessary to choose species, which will resist climate change, fruit trees, maples, etc…