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Building D - The Old Candle Workshop

The dilapidated state of this building required emergency work, with a complete recovery of the structural work. This building is out of air and out of water, but without any interior fittings (no network, no stairs, etc.). This work was accompanied by the repair of the water drainage networks between the candle workshop and the red pavilion, as well as the redevelopment of the terrace opposite and the external staircase towards the church.

As slight cracks reappeared on the building, they were put under surveillance by the installation of crack gauges.

Before final assignment of this building and interior fittings accordingly, it remains to carry out "end of construction" work on the external gas and electricity networks.

Work Completed

  • Structural work (in 2012-2014). This building is out of water – out of air, but totally unusable as it is (without any network, interior fittings or finishes)
  • Renovation of the terrace in front of the candlestick which had been the subject of an order of danger and the stairway to the church
  • Resumption of the sewerage network along the ciergerie
  • Enclosure of the external gas inlet valve

Work in Progress

  • Crack monitoring

Work to Be Done

  • Sheathing, burial and connection to a simplified general panel, external electrical networks
  • Complete interior fittings, to be defined according to the assignment
  • Candle workshop branch of the fiber network to be drawn from the student housing