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Building C - The Yellow Cottage

The yellow cottage

© Photo andré Serikoff

This building, which houses the administrative space of the Institute of Theology, in particular the former office of Father Serge Bulgakov, a major personality of Russian emigration, did benefit from a temporary interior renovation carried out on a voluntary basis and is connected with optical fiber. It is still necessary, according to the technical studies of 2015, to reinforce the foundations of this building. The installation of a museum space to highlight the rich heritage of the hill is also planned. Unfortunately this building, of the same type of construction as the candle workshop will eventually have to be completely rebuilt (all the structural work has to be redone).

Work Completed

  • Temporary interior repair (to be resumed in the future after completion of major repair)
  • Fiber and wi-fi, connection made in 2020

Work in Progress

  • Monitoring of cracks by fissurometers

Work to Be Done

  • Underpinning of the foundations of the yellow cottage
  • Realization of a peripheral waterproofing at the foot of the yellow cottage
  • Installation of a museum space and hill signs
  • Complete repair of the structural work (as was done for the candlestick) and therefore networks and cleanliness.
  • Renovation of the church and yellow cottage water supply network (following leaks in 2021)