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Make a Donation for the Restoration of the Saint-Sergius Hill

On-line Donations

We are asking for your donations for the restoration of the Saint-Serge hill in Paris. The urgency of the situation was underlined by the Paris City Hall in its letter of July 30, 2019 in which the City Hall agreed to "temporarily suspend the issuing of a danger decree" while asking to carry out the works urgently. sanitation. The consequence of taking such a danger order would be to prohibit all access to the Saint Serge hill. To avoid such a disaster, we invite you to make an online donation by clicking on this link: make an online donation to the Association for the restoration of the Saint-Sergius hill in Paris. You may also send a check to the order of ACCSS addressed to the treasurer of the Saint Sergius Association at 93 rue de Crimée, 75019 Paris, or make a bank transfer to the following bank account:

In these last two cases, please provide your contact details (last name, first name, postal address and email) so that we can issue a tax receipt.

Donations to the Cultural Association of the Saint-Sergius hill in Paris are eligible for a tax deduction in France as they meet the general conditions provided for in articles 200, 238 bis and 978 of the general tax code. You can directly download the tax receipt.

Individuals taxable in France: You can benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of your donation, within the limit of 20% of your taxable income. If you are liable for real estate wealth tax, you benefit from a reduction in your IFI equal to 75% of the amount of your donation, up to a limit of 50,000 euros. Please note that the fraction of the donation having given rise to a reduction in IFI cannot be entitled, at the same time, to a reduction in income tax. When the donation is eligible for both schemes, the donor can choose one or the other or decide to split his donation.


Bequeathing to the Cultural Association of the Saint-Serge Hill in Paris means giving it the material means to pursue its mission of evangelization, education, charity, prayer and preservation of its Cultural Heritage. Considering making a bequest is a way of opening up to a possible sharing to which Christ has called us. It is also a last way to continue to do good, as we have done throughout our lives, a last gift, an even stronger gift. They are essential for the material life of the Church and to be able to develop new projects.

In the absence of children, you can dispose of all your property. Otherwise, part of your assets must go to them: This part constitutes the reserve. Conversely, you can freely dispose of the rest: the available portion. Thus, if you have one child, the available quota is 1/2, if you have two children, it is 1/3 and if you have three or more children, the available quota is only 1/4 of your heritage. In the absence of children, your spouse is the reservee of a quarter of your estate.